You’re already Sassy. You were born with all the right parts, all the right knowledge, all the right ability, all the right intelligence, all the right beauty and more. Discover secrets to uncovering the Mystery of You, The Magic of You, and The Essence of You.  From this Place, You will re-connect with the Sassy, Saucy, Assertive, Succulent, and Successful You.

AND Shine

Breakthrough barriers by Upping your game and going beyond the next level. Let’s face it.  You’ve already got a pretty good life. You make decent money and your relationships are fine.  But, sometimes in the still quietness of the night, you can hear the longing in your heart for something more. Discover the secrets of the masters for tapping, tuning in and turning on Your Power and keeping it on.


Tools and Strategies for Letting Go of Stress and Healing Your Life and Others through Reiki

Reiki is a very simple healing tradition that was rediscovered by a very open-minded Christian Minister who also extensively studied Buddhism in the late 1800’s. The main intention of the attunement is to affirm and attune the aspiring healers’ connection to the all-powerful and every-where-present life force aka Reiki.

  • Remove blocks, resistance, and obstacles as you discover the 5 principles of Reiki, the general benefits, and everyday uses.
  • Learning how to sense energy and working with exercises for developing hand sensitivity.
  • Learning to cleanse energy toxins and more.

Advanced, Enhanced Strategies Utilizing Reiki Symbols and Distance Healing

Twenty-One days after Reiki Level One, The Reiki practitioner is prepared for the advanced Level 2 Training. Going beyond the basic hand placements and techniques learned in Level One, learning the tools for advanced techniques and long distance healing. Developing the ability to enhance power symbols and using Reiki symbols to program objects for healing and more. Discover the strategies for healing the past as well as healing/manifesting for the future. This is a no limits approach to utilizing Reiki on a small or large scale.


Your seminar helped me find more out about myself and what I truly want out of life. It helped me start to release emotions I was holding onto from my past. I liked everything about the Embrace the Warrior Within Seminar but particularly finding out what emotions and feelings really are and begin to release them from the body.–J.S.

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