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Dr. Amanda

I lead a very stressful life with owning a practice and working full time at another office. I first found Lisa on Meetup. We met for coffee and she explained to me her passion and line of work and how she started her business. I was struggling internally with stress from a prior landlord.  Lisa helped me calmly overcome this mental struggle and she listened to my concerns as well as gave me points for what I can do each day to help decrease this kind of stressor. I would recommend Lisa to my friends and family:)


I have suffered from low back pain for over 20 years. Lisa was markedly able to reduce sudden and severe pain within minutes of straining my back.  Her patience with me and my pain was like the feeling I have never experienced

Naomi A

I can’t say enough about the UnF%$K Your Life System or Lisa.   Through this course, I met the demons that have been knocking me down and was able to get back up in minutes or hours instead of the weeks and months of the past.  The tools Lisa taught me I use to work through my fears.  I wake up happy, I am energized throughout the day and say yes to me more often.”

Sandy B.

She has been a godsend to me and is allowing me finally to put the past to one side and allow me to begin anew. I have never been to any sort of therapist before but instantly was amazed at how a few gestures could have me from crumbling mess to warrior! After every session, you may be tired but full of renewed positivity. She is empathetic and holistic in her approach, which suits me down to the ground and has made me feel more grounded and centered than I ever thought possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The change in my mindset has been remarkable and I am excited about finally learning to accept myself.

Melissa H

I just finished the UnF%$K Your Life System and I was surprised what a difference.   The dreams I thought I had were not the ones that were the most important to me after all.  What was really beneficial was really narrowing down and focusing on what I really wanted for me and not what my mom wanted for me.  I am making strides never before imagined each day

Barney S.

Lisa’s coaching has changed my life and outlook. Her coaching through problems, helping me to define goals and maintain focus has allowed me to go from a year of unemployment frustration and renting to an incredible job and owning my own home. I couldn’t have done it without Lisa’s energetic support. I appreciate how she teaches the skills to use on my own, empowering me to define my own future and successes.


I was in a job I did not like. A job opened up in my career field and I usually blow the interview. I worked with Lisa prior to the interview, working on self-confidence; calm, putting my best foot forward and I landed the job. I now make more than double what I made previously. I love my new job and get to travel extensively.

Your desire to Succeed

+ my dynamic flare no-nonsense coaching

= rapid results, money, relationships, and freedom.

Lisa Grunden