Lisa Grunden is a trailblazing, sassy, dynamic woman who has been working with women business owners and career women to support them to UnF%$K their life so that they can create a kick a$$ world. Her own mother called her the “Fun and Crazy Redhead”, that makes things ROCK! Her background is in success coaching, hypnosis and access consciousness clearings, which gives her a flare and a truly unique approach to navigate people from their current self-worth to MAXIMUM Confidence. She has discovered that when she guides her clients to UnF%$K Their Life, anything they want appears.

The success algorithm is simple: Your desire to Succeed + my dynamic flare no-nonsense coaching = rapid results, money, relationships and freedom. Lisa has lived in seven different countries, traveled extensively and worked with clients globally. Underneath race, color, creed, culture, language, and country, people are basically the same. We all share a desire to achieve, care for our families, make money and value freedom.  The one common theme she recognized was self-worth. Despite or in spite of everything a person had achieved, they still had bullsh*t reason of not being good enough. The mother, the CEO, the sports athlete…

And it got her thinking, what else would be possible for people, for families, for relationships for countries when these emotions of low self-worth are acknowledged, destroyed, uncreated, cleared and transmuted.

Many people wish for world peace and yet many are unwilling to do the work – and these are the small commitments – to have joy, peace, and ease in their own lives. Many people care more about getting their coffee order or their lunch menu exactly correct and yet don’t think to spend those same few minutes on what they are thinking, what they are aware of, and caring about themselves so much that they make a conscious choice to consistently be aware of and choose their emotional state.

From this, UnF%$K Your Life was born.

…Taking the steps to move beyond your limits is all about focus and finding the extraordinary inside you. You can do this right!

Paradigm shifts are not only possible, they actually occur. Companies have found that having employees that are happier with themselves and their lives or more driven, productive and valuable. Many companies mistakenly believe paying more money will make their employees work harder. Actually, employees work harder when they feel of value and are appreciated first and higher pay second.

UnF%$K Your Life
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