Episode02: KIM WALKER

Today’s guest is Kim Walker. Kim is an international speaker, author, and owner of Tantric Hearts. She is a tantric educator. She is a success coach and hypnotist. Kim presents passion playshops at events around the world. She has a master’s in Biology and is a certified massage therapist. She uses a whole body approach to healing.

Kim explains that during her massage therapy sessions she discovered the importance of teaching tantra to help with healing. She explains tantra is a philosophy of life. It affects everything you do from cooking a meal, working in the garden or having bigger and better orgasms. She explains it can be a solo experience and does not require a partner.

Kim was introduced to tantra by her husband. They used tantra after the birth of their first child. She was blown away by the results.

She realized that due to teachings she received during life, she was avoiding certain intimate situations. She knew she wanted the intimacy with her partner and worked with him on trantric situations.

Kim advises all women to be in the present moment. She has noted that when a woman takes on their sexual traumas it helps use the energy to do other things.

Kim’s advice to women about releasing is to relax and let go inhibitions. She says women should tell themselves “I love you.” the programming will eventually take hold.

By embracing her own sexuality, Kim found it very freeing. She says that when a woman is not sexually healthy they are not whole body healthy.

Kim says the blockade for women presented with tantra is their past teaching. There is a stigma to being sexual and they carry that with them and need to learn to let it go. The fact that tantra is sacred sexuality helps women to accept it.

Kim says that as women get older their libido wanes and they forget to make time for sex. They should be sure to focus on intimacy with their partner. She says that women can use tantra on their own, without a partner.

Kim tells us how she manifested her eventual partner. She had very specific things she was looking for and managed to find that in her husband.

Hedonism is defined by Kim as having all the sensual pleasures. It is clothing optional. It enables couples to explore their sexuality.

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