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Heather Havenwood introduces Lisa Grunden, the host of Unf$%k Your Life. This episode is an introduction to who Lisa is and why people should listen to this show. Lisa’s background is in success coaching, hypnosis, and access consciousness clearings. She has a unique approach to navigate people from low self-worth to maximum confidence.

“A lot of us have been too fuckin’ nice for too fuckin’ long” – Lisa Grunden

Lisa says that when you look in the mirror you should tell yourself that you support you. No more whining about things. Women worry too much about wanting a relationship and they make themselves one dimensional. The size and shape of your body have nothing to do with who you are.

99.99% of the thoughts that are toxic, that knock us down, that hold us back–they are not even yours. People should spend as much time on unfucking their life as they do on ordering coffee from Starbucks. You have to start with the question “What do I want?” Don’t worry about what others have told you about yourself. If it is what you want to do, tell everyone to piss off.

“Embrace your demon bitch from hell” – Lisa Grunden

Lisa is targeting career women, stay at home moms and female entrepreneurs who have stuff they want to get rid of.

“The world is saved by the Western woman.” – Dali Lama

Lisa spent many years learning how to help people get out of their own way. Lisa explains that hypnosis is just a state of awareness where we go and investigate all the stuff that has been holding us back. You get to set the groundwork. You get to reset where 00 is.

Lisa has produced results with so many clients. She had a weight loss client who was on fire until she spoke about her size. That completely changed how she acted. Lisa began to discuss her body–not how she thought it was, but the way she wanted to see it. The client lost one pant size in a week. This showed Lisa that it doesn’t take long to get to the layer where everything went wrong and just swap out what was wrong.

Lisa recounts a client who wanted to be a VP. This client would continually be fired because the big boys didn’t want her to make all the money. The client then created CEO as her title and created her own career. She realized that this was more in line with what she wanted.

70% of businesses today are started by women. The programming they’ve received during their life needs to be examined and potentially changed.

Lisa is bringing guests on the show who help get life unfucked in any kind of way.

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